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How does SNS++ define alert reclpients?

A recipient is an individual registered in SNS++ to receive alerts and can include responders who take ownership of an IT problem, or other users that need to be alerted. Our experience is that typically, companies want to alert a wider group of people about events, beyond the few individuals that take action. Therefore, our pricing is based on large recipient packages, so that alerts can be sent to a wide distribution.

Are there any limits when sending alerts?

There are absolutely no restrictions on alert distribution. You can define as many rules and filters, send as many alerts as needed, using any channel desired.

What’s involved in installing, setting up and maintaining SNS++?

We install and setup SNS++ remotely. This typically takes a few hours and includes integrating with your existing IT systems (which involves a single line of code) and synchronizing with Active Directory/LDAP for recipient data. Once installed, SNS++ requires minimal maintenance. Most of our customers have 1-2 administrators who spend an average of 5 hours per month to manage hundreds of alert recipients.

What are the benefits of on-premise deployment?

Above all, security. In many cases alert management require bi-directional communication with internal organizational systems. With SNS++ you can use your existing security infrastructure with no need to send data to 3rd party systems or allow them to relay requests to the organization. On-Premise installation also allows SNS++ to utilize organization authentication and synchronize recipient information with organizational systems like Active Directory/LDAP so you do not need to update information in multiple places.

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