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SNS++ maximizes your alert flexibility, letting you manage all alert logic in a single place, extend alerts to a wide audience, and ensure that critical incidents are always handled promptly.


IT/DevOps stack

All raw alerts from your IT/DevOps stack and monitoring tools are pushed to SNS++, where all filtering, classifications and recipient definitions take place using a smart routing engine. This means faster integration (using a single line of code), more sophisticated alert routing rules, and easier management and maintenance.

IT/DevOps stack

Alert filtering

Eliminate false alarms and prevent alert fatigue with sophisticated filters:

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Filter by source/content/history

For example, block unnecessary alerts during planned down time or from a test server environment.
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Block alert flooding

SNS++ identifies and blocks erroneous alert flooding by monitoring tools, notifies designated stakeholders and prevents alert fatigue.
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Eliminate duplicate messages

A recipient will always receive a single alert notification about an event, even if he/she belongs to multiple groups.

Smart alert routing

Tailor alert logic to your business needs and notify any number recipients.

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Alert enrichment

Turn cryptic machine language to understandable alerts with actionable context.
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Alert timing

Define distribution timing based on week day and time, and set any delay necessary prior to sending.
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System-wide logic

Identify and alert on system-wide trends, like a DNS problem that causes repeated authentication issues.
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Alert history

Send an alert in real time if the same type of error keeps appearing. For example, notify a manager when CRM errors occur more than 3 times per week.
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Escalation rules

Define escalation paths to ensure designated stakeholder(s) acknowledge receipt and take ownership of a problem. SNS++ continues sending notifications on the issue (based on the frequency/distribution rules defined) till the problem is resolved. This validates the actual resolution of problems and ensures business continuity.
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Multiple alert channels

Send alerts via SMS, email, Telegram, WhatsApp, or the SNS++ mobile app. Use different channels depending on alert priority/day/time and specify backup channels in case of failure.

Mobile app & alert actions

The SNS++ mobile app (available on iOS and Android) integrates with our server, to enhance security and collaboration, and enable bi-directional communications between the recipient and SNS++

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View who else viewed the alert and in which channel.

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Communicate between recipients to exchange information and confirm who takes ownership.

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Alert actions

Respond to alerts by triggering any process/activity directly from within the app. For example, open a ticket in a ticketing system or remotely restart processes and run scripts, using a two-way integration with DevOps systems like Red Hat Ansible.


Heartbeat monitoring

SNS++ ensures that your monitoring tools, DevOps apps and scheduled scripts are active by periodically checking for an active signal and notifying you if none is detected within a specified timeframe.

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Business notifications

Use SNS++ to distribute any operational messages and alerts, without incurring extra costs. From OTP notifications, through occasional business messages - send mass notifications, including to individuals not registered in the system, via multiple distribution channels.


Secure On-premise solution

Stay in full control of your data with all notifications and alerts remaining within your network. The SNS++ mobile app enables keeping all alerts within the organizational network.

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